We supply language models that can be used to automatically analyse written and spoken human language.

Our models are compiled from free and proprietary corpora, and can be used to setup Natural Language Processing systems locally.

Pricing models for academic and commercial applications.

State of the art models, corpora and related NLP data sets for mid- and low-resource languages.

All languages have models that are compatible with spaCy and rasa NLU.

I can help you setup your chatbot system with ease.

State of the art

We continously update our data files to make we provide the best models possible.

Full Support

Have specific needs for your language model? I will train a model to suit your needs.

Chatbot ready

Do you need a language model for a chatbot? We will help you choose the right one!

Share models

Do you have a language model that you would like to share? I will gladly host high quality models and credit the authors.

Any format

All popular open formats are supported: .json, .csv, .xml or binary